A Shortcut to Happiness

shortcutI mentioned in the previous blog that Radical Forgiveness is the ONLY antidote to victim consciousness. I say “the only antidote” because it is the one and only form of forgiveness that recognizes that, from a spiritual perspective, nothing wrong happened. Consequently, there are no victims or perpetrators. Conventional forgiveness simply does not go as far as that, so it more or less maintains the victim perspective.

Nevertheless, according to the “Soul’s Journey,” model I propose in my latest book, Expanding Into Love, A Handbook for Awakening to Who You Are, having a victim consciousness is, paradoxically, essential to our purpose for being here. Let me explain.

You probably heard me say before that I make an assumption that we came here to learn the nature of Oneness (Love) and to that end we agreed to experience the opposite of it — separation. But we had to agree to remain oblivious to this agreement for around the first half of our life, otherwise we wouldn’t play the required game of being a victim many times over.

When we have reached the amount of Karmic units we signed up for (a KU is a unit of the pain of separation), we then go through an awakening. At that point we begin to remember who we are and what life really is all about. And that’s when we have to begin letting go of victim consciousness. That means going back along the timeline of our lives and doing the forgiveness work on all those people about whom we have harbored a grievance.

This would be almost impossible were it not for Radical Forgiveness. But even with it, there is a short cut that will save you a lot of time and effort. Here’s how:

If you analyze the underlying dynamic of your accumulated grievances, you will inevitably find that nearly all have their origins in wounds experienced in childhood.

Such wounds run the gamut from severe physical or sexual abuse to offhand remarks that were hurtful, broken promises, or something that made you feel unloved, abandoned or unappreciated. Such wounds get played out in later life as a repeating pattern, but they originated in childhood.

The short cut is to use Breaking Free: A 21-day Online Program for Forgiving Your Parents. This invaluable program will not only have you forgive them for “not being perfect,” it will take care of all the other grievances as well… all in one go. This is because it is the same energy pattern holding them all together, so by forgiving your parents, you collapse that entire energy field.

Doing this online program is the quickest and easiest way to free yourself of the energy associated with victim consciousness. Even if you have awakened (which you must have done, otherwise you would not be reading this), and understand that it was all perfect, those old energy patterns will remain stuck in the cellular structure of your body until they get ‘deleted.’ Only then can you replace them with the new story that it was all part of the divine plan: Not only did you actually chose your parents, you made agreements with them prior to coming in that they would give you the possibility to experience the pain of separation in many different ways. They did a great job of that, didn’t they?

So, in order to clear out your entire emotional closet from now right back to birth, click here to register for Breaking Free: A 21-day Online Program for Forgiving Your Parents, and break free.

7 thoughts on “A Shortcut to Happiness

  1. Balraj Mehra

    Hey! Colin,
    You always say that ‘radical forgiveness’ is the answer to all issues. I want to know if RF can be a reply to litigation too. I am 73 years old and for last 14 years, I am struggling with litigation on my property. As I was getting old,in 1992, I decided to put my property for re-development but the party, I signed my agreement with, turned out to be frauds. They stole my belongings and are now posing as the owners of my building. They claim that I have sold my building to them, which is not the case.
    I am trying to find-out right people, who can pay me fair price and take-up the litigation but all these interested people like to pay me peanuts and just seem inappropriate to trust! Its been 5 years now and unfortunately, no right person is not coming forward. I am trying to put my best efforts but the results are nil. I am tired emotionally, physically and mentally.
    Can RF be a reply to my problem? Can RF help me get out of my difficulty?
    Will love to know.

    1. Colin

      Thanks for asking this question, Balraj. In Chapter 4 of my book, Radical Forgiveness, I talk about accountability. I am often asked whether, in a situation where someone has done us harm and where the normal reaction would be to seek redress through the courts, a forgiving person would actually take the course of action? The answer is, “Yes.” We live in the World of Humanity which operates within the parameters of the Law of Cause and Effect. If we were never held accountable for our actions, forgiveness would be meaningless and valueless.

      However, the extent to which you respond to other people’s actions with a sense of righteous indignation, grievance, revenge, and resentment, rather than with a genuine desire to balance the scales with regard to principles of fairness, freedom, and respect for others, determines our level of forgiveness. Righteousness and revenge lower our vibration. Conversely, defense of principles and acting with integrity raises our vibration. The higher the vibration, the closer we come to Divine Truth and the more able we are to forgive radically.

      Do the Radical Forgiveness worksheet, which can be found in Free Stuff in the menu above, on everyone involved in the situation. And then turn the matter over to your Higher Power. Recognize that Divine Love operates in every situation and that each person receives exactly what they want. Recognize that perfection resides somewhere in the situation, even if it is not apparent at this time.

  2. Lisa

    Colin, I have recently begun doing the Radical Forgiveness worksheets mostly with immediate issues that have come up. I can attest that I feel much better, clearer, and lighter afterwards. I understand the idea that there was nothing wrong to begin with. While Radical Forgiveness is helping me to clear away issues with individuals, I am called to address the chronic pain of my own emotional eating and the underlying hidden issues. As I have been considering The Twelve Steps programs to lead me out of my apparent inner blocks, I would like to know if you propose that Radical Forgiveness fits as a supplement to The Twelve Steps programs, or that the Radical Forgiveness approach makes the The Twelve Steps unnecessary?

    1. Colin

      Hi Lisa,

      A definite Yes on the question of whether Racial Forgiveness makes a good complement to any twelve step process. The root of any addiction is the pain that we are covering up and then medicating with the substance of choice whether that be drugs, alcohol or food. So if you can find what that pain might be and then do the forgiveness work on it, this will do a great deal to remove the reason for the addiction. However, I would never say that it should replace the twelve step program. The kind of support you get from a good sponsor is important. I would recommend you hire a Radical Forgiveness coach who can help you identify that pain you are medicating with food and take you through the process. Alternatively, if you already know who you need to forgive I would recommend the 21 day, online program that best fits, whether its parents, siblings, partners etc. I hope this helps.


  3. Sheila H. Grimes

    • The Radical Self-Forgiveness/Acceptance Worksheet This worksheet supports the Online Self-forgiveness/Acceptance program, and the DVD/CD set . Use it to forgive yourself and raise your self-esteem.re them with everyone. We love to hear how Radical Forgiveness has affected your life.

  4. Jason K. Thomas

    People who develop their consciousness in this way become free of victim consciousness, live consciously and bring enough of their energy into present time to have the power to manifest the life they want and the kind of world they envision. They operate with a high vibration and therefore make a difference in the world simply by being who they are.

  5. Jill R.

    I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased from Colin! I have attended an event and read many of his books. I have the hard copy of the free ebook being offered here — Getting To Heaven On A Harley! Grab yours and accept that you play a role in your life and you will never be the same. Thank you Colin!

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