A Matter of Vibration

vibrationLast week I outlined the need for a number of awakened individuals (luminaries) to first shine the light on our prevailing, storm-tossed consciousness and the reality we believe in.

After that, to steer us away from the jagged rocks of that three-dimensional reality into the much calmer waters of the fifth dimension, thereby avoiding the shipwreck we might otherwise experience if we continue on our present course.

I also promised I would say more about the dimensional shift between these two realities and the corresponding levels of awareness that occur as a consequence of it – or as the cause of it; I’m not sure which. (A chicken and egg problem.) So here goes.

Three-dimensional reality shows up as the world we know.  A world of duality and separation composed of things and beings in physical form existing in a space-time continuum.

It is the reality we are born into, and since it accords with everything our 5 senses tell us, it appears to us to be the ONLY reality.  

But, as Marshal McLuhan put it: “The last one to discover water is likely to be the fish.”

The consciousness that creates and sustains this reality of separation is essentially fear-based, ego-driven and survival oriented.  It is maintained by greed, lust for power, control and exploitation of others and an unending quest for money and material wealth. 

Victim consciousness is the main driving force of this reality.  That leads to being judgmental, blaming, projecting, eye-for-an-eye justice, aggression and violence, exploitation, competition, abuse of the environment, religious bigotry, persecution and discrimination.

The fifth-dimensional reality is not so easy to define because the frequency at which it vibrates is virtually impossible for us to discern its nature through our five senses.  The world beyond the veil, as they say.

We can only tune into that vibration by using other senses which, in most of us, are much underdeveloped.  (Becoming a luminary is a matter of developing these senses to a high degree so you can tune in, see the truth and share it with others.)

The fifth dimension is a reality that is not limited by the ‘normal’ rules of the space/time continuum and things can exist in both physical and etheric form as required.  Us, too.

It is a world of abundance where all material, emotional and spiritual needs are met. A world of oneness, harmony and peace, where human interaction is based on cooperation, respect, compassion and caring for each other.  Unconditional love is the energy that sustains this reality.

Existing in this dimension of Oneness, we have a direct connection to Source, so there is no need for religions of any kind whatsoever.

We have a total trust in the Universe and are willing to surrender to what Spirit gives as a challenge to work through, knowing that everything that occurs is what we need to experience and is a gift. (The Radical Forgiveness reframe.)

People who have become aware of fifth dimensional reality and choose to be there for much of their time, albeit still living in this three-dimensional world for now and able to shift between one and the other, will be vibrating at a much higher level than people still living in the third dimension with no awareness of the fifth.

Using David Hawkins’s Scale of Consciousness mentioned is previous blogs, those living predominantly in the fifth dimension of reality will be around the 450 mark on a scale of 0-1000, while those still dealing with the dense energy of the 3rd will be around 250 at best.

This being the case, our aim now is to offer opportunities for people to progressively increase their vibration to that 450 mark through following the Radical Forgiveness philosophy and methodology.  In other words, to enable people to become the luminaries we all have to potential to become if we so choose.

Now, you may be wondering what happened to the fourth dimension?  How is it that we jump from the 3rd straight to the 5th?  Is there no fourth?

Yes, there is a fourth, and I will explain its nature in next week’s blog.

The week after that I will give my take on exactly why we created the third dimension with all its apparent evil aspects and potential for our own extinction and why, in spite of all that, it is perfect.

Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “A Matter of Vibration

    1. Maria Gomez

      Dear Colin, Thanks a lot for continue writting us and teaching us; its very powerfull and a real pleasure to continue in touch with you, even thow you are in England and I am in Colombia. Blessings for you and your wife, and all the team are working with you in this project to help others…..Maria

    2. Siddiqah

      Thank you for your Masterpiece work in Radical Forgiveness. It continues to help me to better understand my REAL RELATIONSHIP to ALL THERE IS. I have always considered myself to be a ‘luminary’ heck, my high school was called Lumen Cordium. I have taken on ‘Mission Forgiveness’ by shining light on my fellow comrades of the U.S. Armed Forces. We have monthly discussion group meetings GOING ON RIGHT NOW, on how to frame a consciousness to move us to process the healing power of forgiveness. We will be honored to move in synchronicity to Honor You for this God-sent break though for many.

  1. Petra van Sabben

    What about dimension 6 till 15?
    As far as I know we live in a 15 dimensional time-matrix and all the problems we are facing from “being a victim” one also can find in the 5 dimension, only from 11.5 upwards things become easier.
    Radical forgiveness is as much needed in the 5th dimension as it is here, LOL.

  2. Edurne Belmont

    Thanks so much for shining your inner light and helping us raise our vibrations. It motivates me even more to help others as your work has helped me. Blessings and love,

  3. Philip

    Hope you are doing well Colin. Your work and books have had a big effect on me. It seems that raising vibration is a matter of willingness and surrender to all that is in any moment in your life. No sure how to understand the dimensions but the letting go creates an inner shift which feels so much better.

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