A ‘Light’ in Northern Ireland

If you have been following my whereabouts you will know that I am in Switzerland at the moment having just completed one Spirituality in Business seminar last weekend and about to begin a Self-Forgiveness one this weekend. Yesterday JoAnn and I took time out to go to a very beautiful town called Thun, about an hour away from where we were staying with our dear friend and Radical Forgiveness Coach, Margrit Hardegger. While in Thun we ran into another of our Swiss coaches, Verena Anliker. We had dinner together and she told us about her twice yearly visits, since 2006, to Northern Ireland to run, against all odds and in the face of enormous resistance, Radical Forgiveness Ceremonies and individual coaching sessions with the war-weary and deeply wounded people of that country. As she said, most of us in places like Switzerland and in the U.S., create problems for ourselves to work through for our spiritual growth, but people like the Catholics of Northern Ireland, the people she was working with mostly don’t need to make problems. They have REAL problems. Countless years of war between them and the Protestants, not to mention being hounded by the British Military. Many of the women have lost husbands and sons and are extremely angry and bitter. But here comes this quiet, soft-spoken gentle soul from Switzerland with a message of forgiveness! “Forgiveness? Are you crazy?” they said. “Yes,” she said. “It’s the only way you will be able to move on with your life.” Slowly they started to listen. Just a few at a time. They came to her ceremonies. Sometimes she might only have six people attending but she was not deterred. She did private sessions, mostly for nothing since they are so poor. Sexual abuse of children and domestic violence is endemic there and mostly it is underground because it is not OK to talk about family situations there. But they began to trust her and started to open up. Listening to her, I realized what being of service really is about. She’s doing this work, mostly at her own expense albeit with a few small donations, really making a difference for no reward and very little recognition. For me, it is extremely humbling for me to hear about people I have inspired and trained doing incredible work like this, and remain extremely grateful for having been given Radical Forgiveness to share with the world.