The Importance of Asking for Money

Money is energy, and as such, it is as much subject to the Law of Attraction as any other sort of energy. It will flow towards those who are the most willing to receive it, have a use for it, and have no problem asking for it.

I’ve met a lot of people who could use a few hundred dollars to save their own lives, and yet couldn’t attract it because they refused to ask for it and weren’t open to receiving it.

When I was offering cancer retreats, I’d have long phone conversations with people who really wanted to come to the retreat but said they “couldn’t.” Most of them were without money because they’d spent it all on doctors, chemo and other treatments that left them pretty much broke. So they’d say, “I’d love to come, but I just can’t afford it.” I’d say, “The answer to that is really simple.” “What?” “You simply have to ask for it from somebody. Ask someone to give you the money.” And almost everybody answered, “Oh, I couldn’t do that.” Then I said, “Well then, keep your cancer, because that’s why you got it.” They didn’t love themselves enough to risk asking someone for money.

The truth is, though, people are always anxious to find a way to support their friends who have cancer, but don’t quite know how to do it. When you learn that a friend or family member has cancer, all you want to do is help, but it’s difficult to know how without making that person feel like a victim of cancer.  But you keep thinking, “If only I could help.”

What if that person with cancer would turn around and say to you, “I’ve found this really wonderful 5-day retreat that would help me; it costs eight hundred dollars and I’m looking for some support. Would you be willing to give me something towards it?” Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?  Of course you would, and the odds are good that one or more of their other friends would love to do it as well, assuming you couldn’t give the full amount.  Giving and receiving are the same.  It makes you feel good to give, so asking for money is giving someone the chance to feel wonderful.

But still, my experience was that most cancer patients would refuse to ask for help, even though their life was at stake.  It became clear that they would rather die than ask for money!  That’s much of a hold money has over us!

Your need for money may not

roll with such high stakes as those cancer patients, but the rules for attracting it are the same.   Being willing to ask for it (from Source as well as from people), is one thing, but are you open to receiving it?  (Many people are not, and even it comes their way they find a way to get rid of it as quickly as possible.)  Have you envisioned a use for it? (Energy doesn’t really exist until it is applied to something.  Money is energy, too, so it won’t come to you if there is no purpose for it.)

Getting to the place where you can answer Yes to these kinds of questions is a great first step in attracting the money to lead the life you want.

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