The Other 2 Keys to Happiness

2-keysLast week I mentioned that research indicates that money, wealth, status and position in life accounts for little more than 10% of what we call the happiness quotient.

What the other 90% broke down into, I left hanging. Well, it’s a lot more than was given in what I read, but it is instructive nevertheless. They give just two more categories.

Another 40%, they said, depends on our upbringing and how we were parented, plus whatever generational factors bleed through into one’s consciousness to make us feel bad about ourselves and adopt a low vibration.

(I would add religious indoctrination and social class conditioning to the list.)

The remaining 50% is said to depend on our world view, our beliefs and attitudes and how we process our emotions.

Not exactly rocket science, but it makes sense.

Of course, each of these two categories can be broken down into much smaller and more specific areas that contribute to our unhappiness, but what is interesting from our point of view is this.

While Radical Forgiveness is not going to do much for the 10%, in terms of how happy we feel, it has a huge amount to contribute to turbo-charging the other 90%.

Using the Radical Forgiveness technology to profoundly forgive and accept our parents and other family members so as to remove the old stuck energies in that area will open the opportunity to feel a great deal more happiness and sense of well-being.

Becoming immersed in the Radical Forgiveness philosophy and applying it to all manner of practical problems that life tends to throw at us will move us away from the kind of belief systems and attitudes that create unhappiness. We can lump most of those into that stinking pile of attitudinal garbage we call victim consciousness.

Last week I challenged you to ask yourself how much money do you need to be happy? This week I suggest you look at how much you blame your parents, their parents and other family members for your unhappiness.

Also, you might look at the extent to which the way you see the world, what you believe about life and the attitudes you project onto life and other people, contributes to your general unhappiness. I bet it is quite a lot.

In both cases, Radical Forgiveness gives you a whole bunch of tools, most of them free, that if used properly will counteract all that negativity you have in that 90% and open you up to more happiness than you could imagine.

Give them a try just for one week and see if your happiness quotient goes up. Click the Free Tools menu item above to access them now.