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What is Radical Forgiveness? Don’t be fooled. It’s NOT just warmed-over traditional forgiveness. Radical Forgiveness is nothing less than a really fast way of healing your mind, body and soul – AND giving you mastery over your life. Watch the video to see how.

Typical Problems Solved (Dissolved) by Radical Forgiveness

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What is Forgiveness Relationship crises, problems and challenges, past and present
• Codependent behavior patterns
• Residual (toxic) pain of old wounds and hurts (e.g. from abandonment, sexual abuse, rejection, infidelity, betrayal, physical abuse, shaming, injustice, rape, incest, divorce, discrimination, etc.)

• Anger directed towards people who have wounded you (e.g. parents, siblings, spouse, ex spouse, partners, boss, professional service people, governments, press, churches, cults, groups, the justice system, the medical system, etc.
Addiction to being a victim and always blaming others
• Obesity caused by emotional toxicity
• Many kinds of health problems caused by stress and non forgiveness
• Cancer likely to form in the future due to lack of forgiveness and repressed emotions
• Workplace problems with employees and workmates that affect profits
• Being bullied or discriminated against
• Lawsuits
Fear of dying

Problems Solved by Radical SELF Forgiveness & Self-Acceptance

Forgive Yourself
• Incessant self-criticism and judgment

• Excessive guilt and shame
• Low self-esteem
• Injured self-respect
• Self-loathing
• Patterns of self-limitation and sabotage
• Inability to create success
• Blocked creative power
• Inability to create a loving relationship
• Poverty consciousness
• Inability to attract a mate/partner

How Radical Forgiveness Therapy (RFT) Works
To understand how it works, watch the video for a brief outline or scroll down and read the script. For a more detailed explanation and to learn about the tools and online programs that make it work, click here.

Additional Support
Support for Forgiveness
If, in addition to doing the worksheets you feel you could do with more help, there are trained and certified Radical Forgiveness Coaches and Certified Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioners listed on our website who can help you. You might also find working in a group setting, like in a workshop or in the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony, very helpful. Playing ‘Satori,’ the Radical Forgiveness Game, is also very effective.

Expect Results Like These
Relief from old or current emotional pain and stress
Solutions to your current and future life problems without the struggle
Much improved relationships from this point on
A different, more surrendered approach to life
Less anger and frustration, more happiness and peace
Less toxicity in mind body and spirit and therefore better health
Increased mastery over your life
An expanded world view

25 Practical Uses for Radical ForgivenessNot Just For Clearing the Past

Once you realize and experience the power of Radical Forgiveness in helping you clear the past, you should develop the habit of thinking in this way and using the tools to deal masterfully with events as they occur in your life. You will find many such uses detailed in my latest book, 25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness, A Handbook for Solving the Problems and Challenges of Everyday Life in a New Way.

1. Overcoming Health Problems
2. Cancer Prevention
3. Weight Loss and Other Body Issues
4. Preventing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
5. Overcoming Addictions – the 13th Step
6. Releasing Trauma
7. Resolving Disputes with Neighbors, Workmates, etc.
8. Ending Mobbing, Bullying and Discrimination
9. Increasing chances of winning court cases
10. Reviving a Failing Relationship
11. Preparing for and Surviving Separation and Divorce
12. Initiating and Achieving Reconciliation
13. Healing the Family
14. Overcoming Being Judgmental
15. Overcoming Co-dependence
16. Creating New Relationships
16. Raising Productivity and Profitability of the Business
17. Resolving and Preventing Conflict in the Workplace
18. Saving Dysfunctional Family Businesses
19. Spiritual Growth
20. Etheric Body Cleansing and Chakra Balancing
21. Transforming World Events
22. Dying Peacefully and Without Pain
23. Radical Grieving.
24. Abortion
25. Radical Living

EIL face leftBooks About Forgiveness and Supporting Media
Our eStore carries all the books Colin has ever written, including the latest one, Expanding into Love, both in published form and digital download. They are also on Kindle. There are also lots of other products in the store that will support you in your learning and quest for peace and happiness, as well as give you insight about the spirituality and the psychology of forgiveness.

The Opportunity to Share the Radical Forgiveness Technology
Through the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching, Inc. we have, since 2001, been training people to be able to share Radical Forgiveness and other Radical Living Strategies with others. Would you like to? If so click on the links above or on the side to learn more. The training is all online and very inexpensive.

To become a Certified Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner you need to be already a licensed practitioner in the field of mental health. But to become a Radical Living Coach does not require that you have any prior qualifications to begin the course. Other opportunities include becoming a certified Energy Body and Chakra Balancing Practitioner, or a Gamemaster/Book Study Leader.

Colins-CafeMy Invitation To You
In order to provide a more personalized and higher level of support and more online tools for those who see the benefit of applying Radical Forgiveness in their lives, plus other Radical Living Strategies like Radical Manifestation and Radical Transformation, I have created a special membership site for them. It is called Colin’s Cafe. Check it out.

Hi, I’m Colin Tipping.

That’s right, Radical Forgiveness operates on a completely different level of awareness than ordinary forgiveness. It’s not so much a mental process as a spiritual one, albeit a very practical one with easy to use tools that makes it work virtually instantaneously.

This makes it infinitely more effective than the normal cognitive approaches to self-improvement. In short, it doesn’t solve problems; it dissolves problems – automatically.

Below this video is a list of typical issues people have that keeps them from being peaceful and happy, but they do nothing about because they don’t know how. Take a look at the list. If you don’t see anything there that relates to you then move on. You don’t need Radical Forgiveness.

On the other hand, if you do have something that might be better gone out of your life and you want a quick and simple way to deal with it once and for all, you are in the right place.

And by the way, if you’ve tried ‘talk therapy’ before and it didn’t help, don’t worry, this is different. It’s a time-tested and proven experiential approach I’ve developed and have been taking all around the world since I wrote the book in 1997. So I know it works.

So, let me explain very briefly how it works. All that is required is for you be willing to open to the possibility that there might be a reason for everything that ever happens to you. Period. If you just to that, the healing will occur. You’ll feel better and the situation causing the upset will likely go away or change for the better.

However, because the mind will resist what it will judge to be a crazy idea, it is necessary to use special tools to connect to your Spiritual Intelligence, which is the part of you that makes it work. It’s that part of your psyche that is connected into Universal Intelligence and it understands the principle of Radical Forgiveness perfectly. It knows exactly what to do. From that point on your Higher Self takes over and the process is more or less out of your hands.

The tools are just simple worksheets or audio equivalents that you do after something upsetting has happened. Others that are more focused on forgiving particular people (parents, partners, siblings, kids and co-workers, or yourself specifically), are done online over a longer period. These online programs are no different to the ordinary worksheets in that they all take you through the five stages of Radical Forgiveness. Telling the story, feeling the feelings, collapsing the story, reframing the story and integrating the new story. You simply do the worksheets, listen to the audio, play the RF Game or do an online program, and your Higher Self does the rest.

However, if you should need more help getting to the core of your story and more fully in touch with your feelings, you can work with a Certified Radical Forgiveness Master Coach or Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner to get you started. Or you can do it in a group setting, like a workshop or the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony. Even when playing ‘Satori,’ the Radical Forgiveness Game, it’s the same. You play the game and have fun doing it, but your Higher Self does the heavy lifting.

If you would like to have the advantage of a more personalized and higher level of support with even more online tools relating to other Radical Living Strategies like Radical Manifestation and Radical Transformation, I have created a special membership site for people like you who really want to expand into the Love vibration. It is called Colin’s Cafe. Click on the membership link to check it out. I would love to have you as a member.

Finally, should you feel drawn to want to share Radical Forgiveness with others and show them how to use the tools in ways that will literally change their lives, we offer several training programs that enable you to be able to do this. The training is all online and very inexpensive.

Just to sum up, then, what makes Radical Forgiveness so massively different from conventional forgiveness is that it frees you from victim consciousness and gives you a completely new and more optimistic perspective on life. It also gives you a specific set of tools that will make it work in a very short space of time.

So have fun browsing through this site and, oh, if you have not already done so, do put your e-mail address in the little box over here if you would like to receive messages, blog posts and occasional rants from me. So that’s it.Thanks for listening.